The days of poor service and non-working duplicate keys made at hardware and department stores are over.

Duplicate Keys Made Anytime, Anywhere

With our remote key duplication services, you can have those keys made at your home or office.

We offer you the ability to have keys made on your schedule. There is no need to make a trip to a hardware store and worry about the key being cut incorrectly by an inexperienced employee.

The professional training of our technicians allows them to quickly and accurately reproduce your keys, and they can test them out to make sure everything is working before they leave.


They bring all the tools they need with them to service a broad range of locks.


Our mobile locksmiths make sure the job is done right the first time.

You won't need to worry about a key failing you at a critical moment, or having to return to the store to have a mistake corrected.

We take pride in our reputation for customer service and getting your key replacements to you in a timely manner.

When you call for our on-site key duplication service, you can put your mind at ease knowing the job will be handled swiftly, efficiently and at a competitive rate.

Our technicians won't leave the scene until they have verified your new keys are fully working and that you're satisfied with their work.

We are able to duplicate just about any type of key, including:

We take pride in serving the metro area.

Every facet of your key duplication can be done on site, even if you don't have the key to the lock available.


Our goal is to take all of the annoyance and inconvenience out of the key creation process.


We know all too well about going to the local retail chain or hardware store, having keys cut by an employee who does five different jobs, then getting back to your home or to the office to find that one or more of your new keys doesn't work.

The more complicated and high-security your lock is, the less likely a local shop is going to be able to duplicate it properly for you.

Key Cutting

You can be sure that your keys will be cut correctly the first time, and having our tools organized in a mobile workstation allows us to offer very competitive rates.

That's why a mobile locksmith is necessary, and with our services you don't have to make an appointment or come to us.

Though you see electronic locks and key cards more often these days, mechanical locks are still by far the most prevalent across all different types of applications (and especially in the area of residential locks).

Keys for mechanical locks still have to be cut by someone trained to use the appropriate tools.


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