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Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart Locks give homeowners an easy, efficient way to make access their homes without managing multiple sets of keys. They are technologically on-trend, fitting in with people's growing reliance on their smartphones to manage different aspects of their lives.

There are many advantages to smart locks, such as the ability to unlock the front door when you are getting close to your home, or granting access to multiple family members, or giving guests the opportunity to come and go as they please.

What exactly are Smart Locks?

Homeowners are always in control of who can access a home using the smart lock.

One thing to note is that many of the smart lock models are designed to function only with deadbolts, so they might not work with some integrated locks and handles or some mortise and rim cylinder locks. Even then, we can make the smart lot work for you.

The Bluetooth sends a signal to unlock the door, providing you the control over who can access the house. Smart locks are yet another awesome advance in home security, made possible by technology.

Will my existing cylinder or deadbolt work with my new smart lock?


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A majority of the smart lock models that are being marketed to homeowners and commercial business owners are equipped to function with smartphones.

Usually, the answer is yes. In fact, most of the smart locks available now are created to work with current deadbolts and cylinders.

There are a few instances in which this is not true, but most of the most commonly sold smart locks will use the exiting deadbolts on a door. If your home does not have an integrated lock, but does have a separate deadbolt and handle, then We can retrofit the lock so your new smart lock works with it.

Many of the most best-selling smart locks allow homeowners an alternative way to get into their homes in the event that the smart lock becomes disabled for any reason.

They are proficient in many varieties of smart locks. In addition to knowing how to properly install smart locks, our technicians are well-versed in the specific instructions that come with their the many makes and models of smart locks, so they can troubleshoot any problems.

Can I use my phone to control the smart lock?

Yes! A smart lock is designed to allow you to operate your locks with your phone.

We're proud to say yes.

There are some exceptions to this, and these are dependent on whether or not the homeowner's smartphone is compatible with the smart lock that they have in place.

That's why we often recommend one of the smart lock packages that also provide a keyed entry alternative. These avoid any distress should the smart lock be temporarily unavailable.

The exact process depends upon your individual situation and the particular smart lock you decide on for the doors in your home.

It's a great option to consider when you make the decision about which smart lock you want to install.

Yes! Be assured Our locksmiths are trained to help you with your smart lock rekey services. The nature of the locksmith industry changes, and we pride ourselves on staying on top of those changes and preparing our mobile locksmiths to be skilled in all new technology and carrying out installation.

Our locksmiths are highly trained in professional smart lock rekey services. Career locksmiths like ours are continually updating their skills so they are highly capable with new and changing technology.

No matter what, we aim to provide fast service to residents.

Most of the models available can be used with the deadbolts that homeowners already have on their doors.

If a deadbolt is not installed already We can install one for you so the installation goes perfectly. If your door has a deadbolt that is separately installed or a separately installed handle and knob set, our locksmiths might have to remove them for you.

They are definitely a technological advance.

How long does a smart lock rekey services take?

Because we most often use the deadbolts already installed on your door, there is not damage to the door. In the event you do now have a deadbolt, we will professionally install one to make sure the smart lock rekey services is seamless.

For those homes that do not have deadbolts, a deadbolt might have to be installed to make sure that the smart lock will work to its best ability.


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