Problems with your ignition key or switch?

There isn't anything fun about expecting your car to start as usual only to put the key in the ignition and have nothing happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my ignition suddenly refuse to start?

It leaves you feeling annoyed and confused, especially if the problem with starting seemed to come out of nowhere.

Would you recommend replacing or repairing my car's ignition switch?

When an ignition key or switch problem leaves you stranded, just call us at any hour. We are available 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

It can be baffling when your car started fine the last time you used it, which was possibly only minutes ago, and won't start now.

It's a good indication that a problem exists with the ignition switch when you place a key in the ignition and the car won't start.


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What is the time estimate for fixing my ignition switch?

If you're like a lot of drivers, your thoughts won't turn to an ignition problem right away.

You will likely assume that something is wrong with your car's battery and attempt to jump-start it with cables.

The people and the surrounding communities know that our company is a name they can trust for car ignition switch replacement and numerous other car lockouts functions.

You suddenly realize what the true problem is when that doesn't work.

How can I tell when my ignition switch is about to give out?

Unfortunately, one of the first signs of a problem is when the car won't start or when the engine cranks but won't turn over.

Often times, the first sign of trouble is when the engine turns over but doesn't start the car or the car just doesn't start at all.

When this occurs, it's usually due to a problem with an ignition cylinder spark.

If so, the locksmith will quickly devise a plan to fix the problem.

  • Ignition damaged after attempted theft
  • Key stuck in ignition
  • Key won't turn in ignition
  • Objects stuck in ignition switch
  • Objects stuck in ignition switch


If not, it will be necessary to replace the switch of your ignition instead.


While we prefer to go the repair route to save you time and money, this isn't always possible.

Repairing an ignition switch always runs the risk of causing further damage to your car.

Unfortunately, it isn't always possible for the locksmiths to know without inspecting your vehicle whether it's possible to repair the ignition or if they will move straight to replacement.

It can depend on whether a replacement part is immediately available and your budget for the job.


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