It's common for a car key to become worn to the point where its teeth don't match the lock and won't open it at all.


This can occur due to corrosion, dirt, dust, and just normal wear.

If the latter happens to you, consider it a warning to replace your car keys as soon as you can.

As soon as it starts to be a struggle, it's a good idea to contact a mobile locksmith for repair or replacement.

Calling a trustworthy local car lockouts ensures that you never lose access to your car due to a problem with a worn or broken key.

The first is to take your current set of keys to the dealership where you bought the car and ask them to cut replacement keys for you.

They should be able to do this without problem, although it may cost more than you were expecting to pay.

Unfortunately, high repair or replacement prices are a common problem at auto dealerships.

The second option you can explore is to try to replace your own car keys.

It's important that you know exactly what you're doing and that you buy or rent the proper tools to do so.

Your final option is to contact us to request that one of our experienced locksmiths replace your car keys for you.

What do I need to do to replace my car keys?

This will cost more than doing it yourself but less than taking your keys to a dealership.

Most importantly, working with a skilled car lockouts ensures that you receive a new set of keys that fits into your door lock or ignition without breaking or refusing to turn.

This costs a bit more than attempting the job yourself and not as much as going to a dealership.


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You can approach this issue in one of several different ways.

We strongly believe that working with our company provides the most effective option at the most affordable price.

What are the benefits to working with a mobile locksmith for key replacement?

Buying parts to create replacement keys from an unknown seller is always a risk.

An employee simply needs to verify that you own the vehicle.

Will I need to provide you with my original key to get a replacement?

Because we always stay abreast of current technology, we don't need to have a physical copy of your key in order to replicate it.

Although it isn't necessary to give us a copy of your original key, it will help the process move more efficiently if you do have it.

We encourage you to resist the temptation to extract any part of a broken key from your car's ignition cylinder or from an outside door.

Saving money by not having to go to a dealership is another big advantage.

Do I need to present my original key before you can create a new one?


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