No one ever expects their key to break when they put it in the ignition or in a door lock. Unfortunately, this isn't an uncommon occurrence. Keys can become damaged and break just like anything else. The good news is that you can call us 24 hours a day for help getting back on the road.


Will you need to replace the cylinder of my ignition too?

We will be better able to answer this question when we assess the broken key and your car's ignition in person.

We need to consider several different factors when determining if it will be necessary to replace the cylinder of your ignition after extracting a key from it.

It will be easier for us to extract a key and not have to replace the ignition when the broken pieces are visible and closer to the top of the key slot opening.

The likelihood of us having to replace the ignition increase if a key broke off within it.

However, we will likely need to replace the ignition if you apply a lot of force to your key or ignition and it results in the key breaking inside of it.

The pressure can cause internal damage that is significant enough to require replacement of your ignition.

It's important to work with the professional mobile locksmith technicians rather than attempt to extract your own key. We are conveniently located here and will have someone at your location as quickly as possible.

In most cases, we don't need to replace a lock on a car door immediately after extracting a stuck or broken key. The one exception is when the car door lock is too damaged from the key breakage to operate properly.

We can usually extract the key without having to replace the lock as well.

What is the average turnaround time for key extraction?

Many people express surprise when we say that we can normally complete the job in less than half an hour.

Just Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It's our job to take your stress away instead.

We can give you a better time estimate after arriving at your location and assessing the situation with your broken key.

  • Key extraction from rusty locks
  • Extraction of bent keys
  • Extraction of frozen keys
  • Extraction of frozen keys
  • Key extraction from dirty locks


We recommend that you do this.


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Do you need to replace my car door lock too?

The reason you contacted us in the first place is because a key has broken in your ignition or lock of your car.

How long will I have to wait for you to extract my key?

Yes. The whole reason you called our mobile locksmith company is that you broke a key.

This takes a lot less time than you might expect.

That makes it impossible to drive your car if it's stuck in the ignition or difficult to access if you broke a key in a lock.

The last thing we want to do is cause you additional stress.

That way you will have one if you ever break a key again.

Not only could you cause further damage to your car, you could injure yourself in the process as well. By having us make a spare key, you will have it if this situation arises again in the future.

Is it a good idea to make a spare key?

Although this might be physically possible, we strongly discourage you from trying it.

You could end up pushing the broken key pieces even further into the ignition.


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